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Barite mobile jaw crushing station in Laos price

Barite mobile jaw crushing station in Laos price. Mobile jaw crusher station mainly used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, utilities and other materials processing operations often need to move, especially for liquidity stone highway and the railway, hydropower engineering and other operations, the user can according to the type of material, size and product materials for different configuration using a variety of forms. Mobile jaw crusher station greatly expanded the concept of rough crushing operations.

Barite mobile jaw crushing station in Laos price. The utility model relates to a jaw type movable crushing station, which is equipped with a high performance jaw type mobile crusher, a vehicle mounted feeder and a high intensity vibrating screen. The utility model has the advantages of short length, light weight, strong flexibility and strong adaptability, and can reduce the flexible combination of material transportation cost. Both coarse crushing and fine crushing or sand operations, the design concept is to fully adapt to all kinds of mobile crushing, crushing obstacles, eliminate site environment, based on customer configuration crushing operations, to provide customers with true simplicity, high efficiency and low cost of rock crushing equipment.

Barite mobile jaw crushing station in Laos price

Performance characteristics of jaw type mobile crushing station:

In the process of crushing, the effect of the jaw plate on the material is pure extrusion pressure and no relative sliding.

The structure of the front plate is optimized, so that the crushing chamber is deepened and the dead zone is not broken, the number of the material is increased by crushing, the travel of the moving jaw is increased, the discharge is smooth, and the crushing capacity is also improved.

High production efficiency, crushing ratio, uniform product size, low energy consumption.

The utility model has the advantages of reliable and convenient adjustment, large adjusting range and increased flexibility of the device.

The jaw plate is made of high strength manganese steel, which has the advantages of wear resistance, compression resistance and long service life.

The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation, low operation cost, safe and reliable lubrication system and convenient replacement of components.

Working principle of jaw type mobile crushing station:

The jaw crusher is the electric motor as power, drives the eccentric shaft through the belt drive, the movable jaw at a predetermined trajectory for reciprocating motion, which will be broken into the crushing chamber by a fixed jaw, a movable jaw plate and the side plate is composed of material, and through the discharge port in the lower part of the finished product material unloading. This series of jaw crusher for curved extrusion type, motor drive belt and pulley, the eccentric shaft causes the movable jaw movement, when the movable jaw rises elbow plate and the movable jaw angle becomes larger, thus pushing the movable jaw plate close to fixed jaw plate at the same time, the material is extruded and splitting multiple crushing and bending; when the movable jaw, elbow plate and the movable jaw angle becomes small, the movable jaw plate leaves the fixed jaw plate in the bar under the action of the spring, the broken material discharged from the crushing cavity, with the continuous rotation of the motor crusher jaw to make periodic crushing and discharging. To achieve mass production.

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