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Covelline ore cone crusher in Brunei for sale

Cone crusher for crushing medium hardness of the material, the machine design is reasonable, stable performance, feed particle size, the material size are expected, easy to repair and other characteristics, in particular, save the man and jaw machine early break process, Material to complete a new broken models, process simplification, cost savings.

Cone crusher using advanced production technology and technology, a feeding crushing molding, with high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection features.

Covelline ore cone crusher in Brunei for sale

Cone crusher is the introduction of high-end technology in Germany, combined with the performance of China's metal materials designed a high-performance crusher, mainly used for metal mines, construction and gravel processing of the two broken and broken three links, because of its crushing capacity Strong, large output, more used in the hard material broken.

Cone crusher is based on the principle of laminated crushing and more than breaking the concept of design and development of the set of high pitch, optimized cavity and reasonable stroke in one of the high-performance spring cone broken. Over the years, with its excellent performance, reliable quality and cost-effective to win the trust of users around the world, is the ideal alternative to traditional cone crusher.

Cone crusher optimized cavity type, reasonable speed and stroke combination, stable and reliable performance, improve production capacity, lower production costs. The use of laminated crushing principle, cube finished products increased, uniform size, gradation reasonable.

Cone crusher large diameter spindle and heavy main frame, to ensure the equipment durable, reliable operation. Multi-point control of the independent thin oil lubrication system to ensure that the dual lubrication of bearing lubrication. Over-iron protection devices and automatic control system, can achieve automatic security protection.

All components of the cone crusher can be disassembled from the upper or the side to facilitate the disassembly of the cone and the moving cone assembly. The hydraulic chamber system can quickly clean up the crushing chamber, greatly reducing downtime.

Cone crusher working principle:

The cone crusher is mainly composed of the frame, the fixed cone assembly, the moving cone assembly, the spring mechanism, the bowl type shaft frame part and the transmission part. The auxiliary part is composed of the electrical system, the thin oil lubrication system and the hydraulic chamber system.

Cone crusher work, by the motor through the V-belt, large pulley, drive shaft, small bevel gear, large bevel gear driven eccentric sleeve rotation, broken cone axis line in the eccentric sleeve under the action of the swing swing, making broken The wall surface is sometimes close to and then away from the surface of the mortar wall, so that the material in the cone and the cone composed of the ring crushing chamber constantly under the impact, extrusion and bending and broken. After repeated pressing, impact and bending, the material is broken to require the particle size to be discharged through the lower part.

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