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Granite double roll crusher in Malaysia price

The double roll crusher is suitable for the coarse and intermediate crushing of brittle bulk materials in electric power, mining, metallurgy, building materials, refractory materials, coal mines and other industries. Especially in the coal industry, the coal crusher, long after the removal of iron and miscellaneous, not in gangue can be directly crushing, crushing the material, uniform size, crushing rate is low, thus simplifying the preparation process, reduce the investment and production cost.

Double roll crusher, hand wheel or hydraulic structure can quickly adjust the feed size. Modular structure of the equipment, according to the needs of the site can be pided into different installation, but also can be assembled to facilitate the lifting and maintenance. The modular modular tooth plate is more interchangeable and universal, which can greatly reduce the replacement period and reduce the operation cost.

Granite double roll crusher in Malaysia price

The double roller crusher is provided with a dust proof plate, which has good sealing performance, avoids the splashing of the small material after crushing, the dust is little, the working noise is low, and the working environment is greatly improved.

The roller body is optimized again, and the equipment does not need to change the roll body for life, and the old type roller mill needs to be overhauled for one year, and the roller body is replaced.

Working principle of double roll crusher:

The double roll crusher will break the material through the feed into the two rollers between the extrusion crushing, the finished product natural fall. In case of perfect or not can be broken when the crusher roller of the roller by hydraulic cylinder or the action of the spring automatically yield, increase the roll gap, good or not broken down, so as to protect the machine from being damaged. There is a certain gap between the two rollers which rotate opposite to each other, and the product can be controlled by changing the gap. Double roll crusher is the use of a pair of rotating round roller, the four roller crusher is the use of two pairs of opposite rotation of the round roller crushing operations.

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