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Clay ore impact crusher in Nepal for sale

Impact crusher is widely used in hydropower, highway, artificial stone, crushing and other industries. This series of impact crusher equipped with unique structure, high chromium plate hammer, unique lining counterattack; suitable for crushing hard rock, high efficiency and energy saving, discharge; particle size adjustable, can simplify the crushing process, but also has high crushing ratio, high crushing efficiency, cubic shape, can choose crushing etc..

Crusher, production capacity is one of the most outstanding characteristics, not only is suitable for a wide range, and can complete the demolition work in large quantities in a relatively short period of time, the occupation of each department and decision makers have taken advantage of the large number of procurement and use. High efficiency in recent years, we pay more attention to the topic, it is in line with the needs of professional development, the satisfaction of the needs of users, users can gain more profits.

Clay ore impact crusher in Nepal for sale

The impact crusher is mainly composed of a pull rod, a front counter frame, a back back frame, a back plate, a main shaft, a locking block, a pressing plate, a rotor frame, a plate hammer, a counter plate, a rotor, etc..

Main features of impact crusher:

The impact crusher has the advantages of simple structure, small size, light weight, large production capacity and low production cost. The feed mouth is large, the crushing chamber is high, and the hardness of the material is high. The ore is broken along the joint surface, so the power consumption is low and the efficiency is high

Impact crusher crushing ratio is large, so it can simplify the crushing process, can make three broken into a section or a broken, reduce the cost of the equipment of the concentrator

The back plate and the hammer gap can be adjusted conveniently, and the particle size can be controlled effectively. High chromium plate hammer, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, impact force.

Impact crusher, keyless connection, easy maintenance, economical and reliable. The crushing function is complete, the productivity is high, the machine wear is small, and the comprehensive benefit is high.

The utility model has the function of selective crushing, and the particle size of the crushing product is even, and the shape is mostly cubic stone. It is widely used in the construction of bridges, highway construction, docks and airports.

Working principle of impact crusher:

Impact crusher is a kind of crushing machine which can use the impact energy to break the material. When the machine works, under the drive of the motor, the rotor rotating speed, the material into the plate hammer function area, and the impact of the rotor plate hammer broken, and then thrown to the back device broken again, and then board the bomb on the back plate hammer area again broken from the back lining, this process is repeated, material from big to small in one or two and three, back cavity repeated broken, until the material is crushed to the required size, discharged from the discharge port. Adjust the gap between the counter and the rotor can achieve the purpose of changing the size and shape of the material.

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