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Hematite ore VSI sand making crusher in Iran price

VSI series of new sand making machine is the foundation of development, development, production of mining machinery in our company for many years, absorb the advanced technology development of similar products at home and abroad with the international advanced level of a new generation of energy-saving and efficient crusher, its performance plays an irreplaceable role in various ore fine grinding equipment.

The impact of the VSI type sand making machine applications, construction aggregate, highway road fabric, cushion material, asphalt concrete and cement concrete aggregate production, mining areas of grinding PPK finely process, building materials, chemical materials, metallurgy, mine, cement, refractories, abrasives and other industries crushing. Mainly used for gravel, rocks (limestone, granite, andesite, diabase, Xuan Wuyan, etc.), ore tailings, artificial sand stone chips.

Hematite ore VSI sand making crusher in Iran price

Performance characteristics of VSI sand making machine:

Broken cavity structure is simple and compact, easy maintenance and quick.

Liner impact (plst) fine sand for low wear can achieve high abrasive material crushing principle.

The overflow adjusting structure can satisfy various crushing requirements of fine sand and stone, and can adjust the size range and the mechanism sand modulus.

Single machine production capacity, the product was multi cube cube, bulk density, iron pollution is minimal.

Suitable for crushing high abrasion resistance, high hardness materials, low wear cost.

Products into cubes, bulk density, iron pollution is minimal.

Affected by the humidity of the material is very small, can be wet sticky state of fine crushing operations.

Working principle of VSI sand making machine:

VSI sand making machine is a kind of equipment which is made of crushed stone.

The rotor is thrown into the material at high speed, the high speed material thrown out and the surrounding back plate (or pile material) form the impact crushing.

The material that is thrown and the back plate (or the pile material) are crushed and bounced back, and then the impact is broken again with the subsequent throwing material.

The VSI sand making machine has the function of overflowing, which can cause the partial feed to fall into the waterfall flow from the crushing cavity.

The flow of the waterfall and the high speed of the rotor in the crushing cavity formed the impact of the crushing, exacerbated by the crushing process and the degree of fragmentation.

The crushing process of the VSI sand making machine is mainly based on the impact, so the crushed material can form a very high quality multi cube.

VSI sand making machine rotor throw knife head made of cemented carbide, has the most powerful wear resistance, can be used for several months.

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