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Iron ore double roll crusher in Palestine for sale

To roll crusher, crushing equipment is relatively old, on the roller crushing machine has the advantages of simple structure, much less crushing phenomenon, and on the surface of the tooth shape, size and arrangement can be changed according to the nature of the material, on the hard and soft and broken ore.

The crushing roller crusher for processing, chemical, cement, refractories, abrasives, building materials and other industrial sectors in all kinds of high, medium hardness ore and rock, especially Guami stone and sand production of mung bean and other products in the building materials industry, there are more excellent than the general mechanical crushing effect.

Iron ore double roll crusher in Palestine for sale

In the process of using the roller crusher, the wear of the wearing parts is a problem that is concerned by the customers. The main working parts of the roller crusher is crushing roller, the crushing roller in the work bears the high pressure, because of the broken material, after a period of time, it is easy to wear and corrosion.

In view of the above problems, the solution is to weld hard alloy on the surface of the wearing parts, so as to achieve the effect of wear resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance.

This series of roller crusher is mainly composed of roller, roller bearing, compression and adjustment device and driving device.

Wedge or gasket adjusting device is arranged between the two rollers, the top wedge device with adjusting bolt, the adjusting bolt when the wedge pulled up when the wedge will roll from the top fixed round of activities, namely two rollwheel gap bigger, the grain size becomes larger when the wedge block down, movable roller wheels in the spring under the action of two smaller gap, the grain size becomes smaller. Gasket device is to increase or decrease the number of pads or thin to adjust the size of the particle size of the feed, when the increase in the gasket when the two roller gap becomes larger, when reducing the gasket when the gap between the two rollers smaller, smaller particle size.

The driving mechanism is composed of two motors, which are driven by a triangle belt to drive the roller wheel on the groove wheel. When the material is broken, the material is fed through the roller through the roller, and the finished products are discharged from the bottom of the frame. In order to be safe, the transmission part should be installed according to the actual situation of the safety cover.

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